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Christians are taking the lead in culture, bearing witness to the sanctity of life.


If you’re part of a congregation or other organisation which agrees that human life is sacred, please share the invitation to help lead the culture change to celebrate life with your leader.

In the week leading up to Sanctity of Life Sunday, promote the event by sharing inspiring images, videos, quotes and stories found on our Resources page as well as everything shared by the many organisations celebrating this national day. Take a moment to send them a private note thanking them for their leadership too.

If you’re creative, you can also make your own (just keep it positive & affirming).



There are several key ways your congregation / organisation can help make Sanctity of Life Sunday an effective influence to promote the culture of life in our nation.

  1. Communicate the intention to celebrate with all your people via newsletter and/or social media and/or in person, such as your weekly church announcements.
  2. Prepare your own original content, with or without your branding, so your people can share the celebration on their social platforms.
  3. Plan how you will celebrate Sanctity Of Life Sunday, whether with a week of prayer or a sermon topic, a fundraiser for a community pregnancy counselling organisation or the 90 second video we’re preparing to help everyone.
  4. Invite your peers, leaders of other congregations & organisations, to make this a truly national celebration. You can use this public invitation, or put it in your own words. This will help immensely.


Be a Part of Making a Change

This initiative seeks to resource churches to lead a transformation of the culture into one which affirms the sanctity of life and supports national leaders publicly doing so.
Sanctity of Life Sunday is a national day for God’s people to bear witness that life is a sacred gift from God, to minister forgiveness and healing for past abortions and to promote community resources supporting women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

All Christian churches are invited to add their name to those affirming God’s Word regarding the sanctity of human life.

Ministers: please complete the form below.

Get Involved

These are just some of the people celebrating Sanctity of Life Sunday.

Is your church participating?

Presbyterian Church of Australia

Rev. Dr Peter Barnes, Moderator-General

God is the creator of the whole universe, and it in turn reflects His glory. However, He created human beings in His own image. In order to save His people, the Son of God first became an embryo in Mary’s womb. God’s creation and re-creation give us every reason to stand against the death squads, and in favour of life, from conception onwards. Christians believe that God is the creator of all life, and that human life is especially precious since it is created in the image of God. Clearly, such a view of life is under assault today. For the sake of the unborn, let us fast and pray.

Family Life International

Paul Hanrahan, Executive Director

There is no doubt that division is the work of Satan. Our Lord Himself said on the night before he died, “The Glory which you have given to me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one” ( John 17:22). It is the divided house which has let the evil one enter in and corrupt our world.

Having a national Sanctity of Life Sunday is a good idea because it is an impulse to unity. The only way we can overcome Satan is through the power of Jesus Christ. If we are one with Him we will be successful at ending the reign of terror and destruction against the family that is abortion.

City Hope Church, Beenleigh Qld

Ps Peter Pilt (GlobalCare National Director, INC National Executive)

It’s a great thing for the Church to be a voice for those who don’t have a voice, speaking up for those who can’t speak, giving a choice of life for those in the womb about their life. In that sense, I’m pro choice.

A national day like this where we’re speaking up and standing up, making some noise in a silent space is fantastic and much needed.

New Life Christian Fellowship, Narrabri NSW

Ps Keith Bates

From the beginning, Christians have always worked to protect the lives of those who are vulnerable, especially young children.

We believe that abortion is a great tragedy in our nation and support all efforts to bring it to an end. Every human being is created in the image of God, and nobody is disposable.

Dalby Christian Outreach Centre, Qld

Ps Gavin Irvine

We are a close-knit church family and endorse this national initiative. It is more than time that the sanctity of life be both respected and appreciated for the precious God-given gift it is.

Chinchilla Baptist Church, Qld

Ps Michael Kluske

The Bible makes it clear that human beings are created in the image of God. That means all human life is sacred. Life is God’s gift and as such needs to be protected.

Bellarine Peninsula Christian Church, Vic

Ps David Evans

We are totally committed to the sanctity of life at its beginning in the womb, it’s natural conclusion through death and it’s care throughout it’s length.

Kingdom Life, Coolangatta Qld

Ps Gavin Irvine

God is about life and we as a church are 100% against abortion.

40 Days for Life, Brisbane

Brendan Wong

Looking forward to supporting this initiative!

Senator for Queensland

Amanda Stoker

Could there be a better measure of a society than the attitude it takes to the sanctity of life?

We train our doctors to heal, then ask them to kill the ill, the unwanted children. We spend record sums on suicide prevention efforts, yet assisted suicide – euthanasia – is more accessible than ever. We pour resources in saving the lives of prematurely arriving children, yet permit the destruction of healthy children right up to their due date for the crime of being unwanted. We tell our girls that they are equal, then allow sex-selective abortion in which parents routinely choose a boy over a girl – at the cost of her life. We say we stand against domestic violence, but ignore the need for vulnerable, pregnant women to be protected and supported, rather than violated by pressure to terminate their baby. Hundreds of thousands of couples ride the IVF rollercoaster each year, or sit on waiting lists for adoption, whilst over 40,000 healthy Australian babies are sent to death each year.

It’s time to help our society measure up. Please, support Sanctity of Life Sunday.


Federal Member for Dawson

George Christensen

As governments across the nation have moved to strip protection from the most vulnerable in our land – those in the womb and the aged and frail – the need for day to recognise the sanctity of human life in our country is sorely needed.

Life is under attack in Australia with unfettered abortion laws being brought in in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria which allow abortions up to birth, sex-selection abortions and all with no need for any significant counselling. It is also under attack with euthanasia laws being passed and introduced in States like Victoria and Western Australia, that undermines palliative care funding.

The concept of establishing a nationwide Sanctity of Life Sunday goes some of the way to reinforce the fact that life is sacred, that this is what many Australians believe, even in the face of laws and activism that champion death rather than life.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do participating churches have to do?

Nothing. It’s completely up to you how you observe Sanctity of Life Sunday in your denomination or congregation. Please pray about it, and trust the Holy Spirit to lead you in way that’s wise and effective witness to those without and those within.

What does this cost?

It doesn’t need to cost you anything. This website is a collaboration of Christians from various denominations and organisations all donating their resources and time to in turn resource the Body of Christ to bear witness.

Is this a political campaign?

We have no political ambitions, legislative objectives or partisan biases. Love for our neighbours compels us to bear witness to the sanctity of their lives. This is a cultural campaign consistent with how Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Why not combine it with another annual prolife event?

The goal is to raise and multiply the voice of the Church in society declaring God’s Truth. This annual event does not compete, but seeks to cooperate with and honour the various roles of the members of the Body in Australia.

Why the Sunday nearest 26 May every year?

The anniversary of the first legalisation anywhere in Australia is seen as significant to the most people across the various states. Additionally, not being in any liturgical calendar gives everyone equal ownership.

What if someone in my church is post-abortive?

The “Community” page of this website provides professional resources to help us better care for women who are post-abortive or who may be abortion-vulnerable. Let’s help the hurting heal, and prevent whatever hurt we can.

This is a nondenominational, nonpartisan project. As a brand new initiative, the Sanctity of Life Sunday website resources are still being developed. If you can contribute anything to the content here, your collaboration would be truly appreciated. Please send content, links and attachments to admin@ChurchAndState.com.au.