You're not alone.

There are many local, national and online organisations devoted to providing independent, professional counselling and support to women &/or men who may be facing an unplanned pregnancy, as well as those who have suffered an abortion in the past.

Our Collective Mission

Real help when it’s needed

Every pregnant woman should receive information and support, including emotional and practical assistance to continue a pregnancy. No woman should be pressured or coerced into making a decision to terminate.

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy or want to talk to someone without feeling judged or pressured no matter what you decide, the organisations below have been carefully chosen to help you. They are completely free.


Community Partnerships

Churches are often ‘first responders’ to an unplanned pregnancy and have the opportunity to let men & women know they won’t be condemned but congratulated and supported.

Consider getting to know your local pregnancy resource centre and how they can help you better meet these common needs, and maybe even how you can help them continue their good work too.

Post-Abortion Counselling

We recommend the following services that offer professional counselling with complete privacy and without any judgement.


Unplanned Pregnancy Support

We recommend the following services that offer professional and confidential help and advice, as well as practical care and support.


National / Online

Pregnancy Help Australia
(24/7 phone counseling helplines)
1300 792 798 (Qld, NSW, Vic, ACT)
1300 655 156 (SA, WA, NT, Tas)

Australian Capital Territory

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