Sanctity of Life Sunday
Be part of leading the change in our culture to treasure life at every stage and in every cirumstance.

Sunday 26 May 2024

The Sunday nearest 26 May each year, the anniversary of the date when abortion was first legalised anywhere in Australia in 1969.

The Vision

Sanctity of Life Sunday is an inspiring opportunity to share God’s value of human life sensitively & compassionately with the many people previously or potentially going to be affected by abortion.

Get Involved

Join the growing number of congregations & denominations bearing witness to the sanctity of life in Australia. There’s a diversity of positive ways you can be involved in shining a light on this vitally important issue.

Service Inspiration

How you celebrate is entirely up to you & the Holy Spirit. Need some tips on where to begin? Here are some helpful resources to help celebrate Sanctity of Life Sunday in Australia for leaders and individuals.

Doing Community

There are many Christian and secular pro life organisations and pregnancy support services in Australia.

Some History

The origins & growth of Sanctity of Life Sunday

Let’s make this official

Let’s show the Prime Minister he has our support to make this an official national day. Sign the petition.

Understanding the Issue

The number one enemy of evil agendas is a well informed population that refuses to be silent. Many women in our nation and congregations have suffered the harms of abortion, and many more will yet. We can be agents of healing & restoration, and prevent this harm from many more women and innocent children by being better informed about the science and facts. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

Our Mission & Vision

My generation will end abortion.

Every human life is precious and worth defending at every stage. Though there are different valid strategies on how to go about ending the greatest injustice of our life, we can find absolute unity and Scriptural authority in this one Truth.

History testifies that no significant, permanent change can be effected until the culture changes. We, followers of Jesus Christ, united in our devotion to His Lordship, bear witness that intentionally killing an innocent living human at any stage of life is objectively immoral.

Every person is known by God before we are born and, as bearers of the image of God, every new life is sacred from the moment of fertilisation. Abortion is a violation of inalienable human rights granted by God and not subject to human laws or opinion.

MediA Mission

Movies change minds.

Many great videos have been made to effectively communicate a culture of life that can help you help others to value human life from the beginning.

Celebration. Commemoration. Commitment.

We celebrate the Giver of Life and praise Him for His sacred gift of life. We commemorate the precious lives lost to abortion and grieve with those wounded by past abortions. We repent of silence & turning away from injustice and commit ourselves to the protection of every innocent human life.

The vision & mission

This is a nondenominational, nonpartisan project. As a brand new initiative, the Sanctity of Life Sunday website resources are still being developed. If you can contribute anything to the content here, your collaboration would be truly appreciated. Please send content, links and attachments to admin@ChurchAndState.com.au.